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Key Markets for High-Purity Quartz Sand

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Glass manufacturing encompasses flat glass, container glass, regular and high-end tableware, and more. Flat glass manufacturers also make window panels.


Becoming more viable globally as solar costs continue to drop and efficiencies continue to increase, the high-quality glass needed for solar panels requires a high-purity quartz for manufacturing.


Semiconductor production is necessary in today’s world, powering your phone, computer, appliances, and many elements within your car. The semiconductor industry requires the highest purity of quartz sand. Ultra-high purity quartz sand with minimal impurities ensures that the wafers remain as pure as possible for ideal electrical conductivity. Careful control of the size distribution is needed to ensure consistent melting in the glass furnace.


Fiber optic cables are flexible, transparent, very fine fibers made of pure silica glass, essential for the telecommunications industry’s advancement of high-speed internet infrastructure.


Quartz sand is widely used as a filler in various industries, from applications such as paints, epoxy molding compounds, and also in engineered stone and synthetic granite.

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